Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 4/3/17

  • Wayne Allyn Root has undying faith in President Trump: “Liberals are delusional. They are so hysterical over President Donald Trump that they’ve convinced themselves they’re winning.This is hilarious. Trump is destroying them every single day and they’re too blind, deaf and arrogant to notice. Don’t look now, but Trump has ‘em right where he wants ‘em.”
  • Bryan Fischer said on his radio show today that “when we look at the face of Islam, we are looking at the face of Satan and the face of hell itself.”
  • James Dobson is scandalized by the current state of the military: “Gone are the days when a man would be excluded from military service for being an inch too short or tall. Now, he, or she, enjoys constitutionally protected rights in an ever-widening array of political correctness.”
  • On a related note, Elaine Donnelly is outraged that a lesbian has been nominated to be the next commandant of cadets at the United States Air Force Academy.
  • Finally, Mark Creech is heartbroken over the repeal of HB 2: “Our state stood out as a bright beacon for the entire nation, even the world, because we did the right thing. Our case was never really in the hands of the NCAA, celebrities, corporate groups, equality activist organizations, a Leftist media or Progressive courts; it was in the hands of an Almighty God. Perhaps the greatest loss may be that we preempted God’s help and took matters into our own hands before his deliverance arrived.”