Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 4/25/17

  • David Horowitz says that “Bill O’Reilly was just murdered in cold blood by the liberal media.”
  • Religious Right activists are not happy about “a push from GOP leaders in the Indiana Legislature to set aside divisive social issues this session.”
  • Larry Klayman declares that Barack Obama is “a war criminal.”
  • This story about a Florida high school teacher who allegedly told Christian students that they were not allowed to wear crosses in her class seems a lot like the phony tales of supposed anti-Christian persecution that Religious Right groups are always ginning up.
  • Finally, Julio Severo is outraged that Vice President Pence took off his shoes while visiting a mosque in Indonesia: “You can take off your shoes where God is. But to take off your shoes in a place where God is offended is an insult to God. A Christian should never take off his shoes in a place where Islam is worshiped.”