Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 3/4/15

  • Mike Farris has written legislation that “would

    allow up to 500 grants of asylum per year to family members fleeing homeschool persecution.”

  • Morgan

    Brittany warns that “if the

    IRS can get away with targeting and shutting down conservative voices, what do you think the FCC will do? Could it be that someday when you

    Google conservative websites, they won’t be there? Don’t kid yourself; it could and most probably will happen.”

  • Mat Staver says that now that the Alabama Supreme Court has halted gay marriage in the state, all the marriage licenses that had

    been issued are now void because “it wasn’t legal to issue the same-sex marriage licenses throughout the state of Alabama in the

    first place.”

  • Looks like Wiley Drake will be

    supporting Scott Lively’s anti-gay marriage protest outside the Supreme Court, but doing so from California.

  • Finally, BarbWire’s Gina Miller issues another dire warning: “It’s not about ‘marriage equality’ or ‘equal rights’ or

    ‘anti-bullying.’  It’s about subjugating the American people under the despotic boot of sexual degeneracy, the result of

    which is a crushing of our God-given freedoms, protected by the First Amendment.”