Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 3/11/16

  • Given that Ben Carson’s presidential campaign was apparently nothing but a scam, it only makes sense that he would now endorse Donald Trump.
  • Birther king Joseph Farah explains why he is now backing Canadian-born Ted Cruz: “I am not persuaded Cruz is ineligible. I am, however, convinced he is the best candidate running for president.”
  • Laurie Roth backs Trump and she is not alone: “There are a lot of other dumb people like me who are praying for Trump and behind him and what he represents.  Let stupid people rule and take back our country.”
  • Pam Olsen declares that “it is up to intercessors to hear from heaven, declare life and intercede over the White House and the U.S. Supreme Court.”
  • Finally, FRC prays for the election: “May the unconstitutional Roe v. Wade ruling be overturned and America’s abortion nightmare come to an end! May God’s people go to the polls and make sure they vote for men and women who have a track record proving that they have the ‘fear of God.’ May we support leaders at all levels of government who value human life!”