Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 2/26/16

  • Kim Davis has received the “Heroine of the Faith” award from the Bott Radio Network “for her faithful commitment to Christian values despite political and media opposition.”
  • Rick McDaniel has a warning: “‘Deadpool’ is a wake-up call for the Church and followers of Christ. It may be just a movie but its popularity reveals much about our present culture. It is a sign of a sin-sick culture where evil is winning over good.” 
  • Landon Schott says that “slave owners and traders were the ones originally on the wrong side of history. If we give in to affirming homosexuality, we will again be on the wrong side.” 
  • In a surprising development, Glenn Beck thinks that a guy who totally agrees with Glenn Beck is a guy who “really gets it.”
  • Finally, Jay Sekulow complains that Democrats “will try to make it look like the big bad Republicans are trying to stop President Obama’s [Supreme Court] nominee.” Um, maybe because that’s exactly what Republicans are doing?