Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 2/21/17

  • Judson Phillips declares that “today, conservatives have an opportunity we have only dreamed about for the last 40 years. As a former Never Trumper, here is my confession: I was wrong.”
  • Milo Yiannopoulos has resigned from his position at Breitbart.
  • Jim Garlow heaps praise upon his “extremely close friend” Flip Benham: “Flip was then and still is one of the greatest preacher/prophets in America. He is likely one of the boldest, most courageous persons I have ever met. He is fearless. But he is tender and loving.”
  • Reliable purveyor of fake news Todd Starnes has “a problem with the term ‘fake news.’ I believe we ought to call it what it really is — lying.”
  • Larry Klayman wants the Secret Service to investigate CNN because the network “has become part of an attempted coup d’etat.”
  • Finally, One Million Moms targets Taco Bell: “Taco Bell’s ‘Morning is hell’ ad is irresponsible and offensive. This inappropriate advertisement is airing during primetime when children are likely watching. It is extremely destructive and damaging to impressionable children viewing the commercial.”