Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 2/17/16

  • Jeb Bush says that the next Supreme Court justice should be someone in the vein of “Anton Scalia.”
  • Ben Carson will be the next GOP presidential hopeful to speak with Pat Robertson at Regent University.
  • Joe Messina says that Scalia’s death means “we are now in a second Civil War. This war is not to free the slaves. It’s to free freedom! Every constitutional right and freedom is on the table, and it started long before Scalia died. His death is like the ‘shot heard around the world’ that some say started the Revolutionary War.”
  • Bryan Fischer continues to insist that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.
  • Mario Diaz of Concerned Women for America says “the Republican majority in the United States Senate has no choice but to fight this vacancy with their very lives.”
  • Michael Brown disagrees with Theodore Shoebat’s contention that Jesus would murder gays.
  • Finally, you will not be surprised to learn that Rick Green’s bid for a seat on the Texas Supreme Court is basedly largely on a misrepresentation of the facts. What else would you expect from someone who works with David Barton?