Right Wing Bonus Tracks: 1,500 Evangelical Leaders Have Been To The White House

  • Jim Garlow excitedly reports that “this White House is THE most open White House to people of biblical faith in modern times. Evangelicals are welcomed. Over 1,500 evangelical leaders have come to the White House in one year.”
  • Far-right extremist Tommy Robinson has been arrested in the United Kingdom.
  • Lance Wallnau makes a prediction: “I predict by June 6, there will be massive disclosures—a virtual hemorrhaging of information—it will be unredacted data and it’s going to be testimony and it is going to be sufficient evidence so as to create a virtual gallows” for the deep state.
  • John Guandolo warns Republicans not to trust Omar Qudrat, who is running for Congress from California, because he is Muslim: “While it is possible Qudrat is completely ignorant of Islamic doctrine/sharia, it is also true that every prominent muslim Republicans have let in the front door in the last 20 years has proven to be a jihadi.Is Omar Qudrat the first exception?”
  • Finally, God wants prosperity gospel preacher Jesse Duplantis to get a new $54 million private jet.