Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 1/25/17

  • Landon Schott was aghast at the Women’s March on Washington because he saw “an anti-God, anti-purity, anti-Christ spirit emerge from the heart of this march. I watched a celebrity curse profanity over our nation and demand the right to have abortions. This wasn’t about equal pay; this was about the advancement of an anti-Christ spirit. As I watched, I was grieved, and up in my spirit came, ‘This is the Jezebel spirit!'”
  • Sam Rohrer says that it “will not be acceptable before God to say, ‘We had an amendment called the Johnson Amendment in America, and I couldn’t therefore preach about the issues the Bible talked about.’ That won’t hold water before God and that doesn’t hold water in reality.”
  • Don Feder declares that “unity is a fraud”: “The civil war we’re now in grows more bloody by the hour. Either they will win or we will. It will not be a split decision. For Republicans who don’t have the stomach for the fight ahead, stand aside.”
  • Samuel Rodriguez and others are calling on President Trump to create a White House Commission on National Healing.
  • Finally, Linda Harvey has been called by God to fight the “normalization of homosexuality,” but she’s particularly happy about it: “It’s the burden I felt over 20 years ago, and still do, and it’s not a fun job. Would I rather be spending more time on mission work? Absolutely. That seems like a dream compared to contending against radical homosexuals, self-righteous feminists and deeply disturbed transsexuals.”