Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 12/17/14

  • NOM is trying to raise money off the fact that David

    Koch, who donates tens of millions of dollars to support conservative candidates, personally supports gay marriage.

  • Erica Wanis, a graduate of Patrick Henry College, says that “if indeed American college campuses are experiencing an epidemic of

    rape, then women must be willing to consider how their attitudes and behavior might be contributing to the


  • There seems to be a backlash brewing on the

    LSU campus over the fact that it will be the site of Gov. Bobby Jindal’s upcoming prayer rally with a bunch of anti-gay


  • Bob Vander Plaats says

    Jeb Bush’s immigration reform support will be a “significant hurdle” for him to overcome “in a day where

    Ebola and ISIS have become household terms.”

  • Obviously, the deadly hostage situation in

    Australia is a lot like

    “another hostage situation much closer to home”: “America’s fundamental laws – the Constitution,

    Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights – have been taken hostage by elected officials who desire to govern

    by their own self-proclaimed private ideologies, or by the agenda of special interest groups they are trying to


  • Finally, Glenn Beck loves his wife and his daughters, so clearly conservatives don’t hate women.

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