Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 1/19/17

  • WND explains how things would have been so much better if President Obama had never been born.
  • Todd Starnes, who endlessly fumed about everything Obama did, is now mocking liberals for suffering from “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”
  • Bert Farias will be dancing in the streets when Obama leaves office because “he hates America and everything American, including our flag, our Constitution, our Bible, Christians, our military and vets. He is the most corrupt president we’ve ever had. He loves our enemies and hates our allies. It is so difficult to believe that this man was elected by the people to become our president.”
  • A dire warning from Paul Hair: “That people still don’t fully grasp how important sodomy is to autotheists, and how they have damaged society with their promotion of it, shows how successful they have been in their manipulation. It also shows why America is doomed.”
  • Finally, FRC declares that “God has intervened to preserve our nation, at least for the next four years, longer if we continue our fervent prayers and involvement. Evangelical Christians and conservative Catholics made a difference in this election. But make no mistake, it was God’s hand that prevented disaster. We must now pray for our new president, leaders in all three branches of national, state and local governments (1Tim 2:1-8). And the Church must arise, while we have liberty, to reach our fellow countrymen for Christ!”