Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 1/14/16

  • Donald Trump will be the next GOP candidate to be interviewed by Pat Robertson for a “Presidential Candidates’ Forum” at Regent University.
  • Ben Carson’s presidential campaign is in disarray, but he is standing by his demand that the government lanuch a “full investigation into the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR).”
  • The World Health Organization has declared that West Africa is now Ebola-free, which means that Glenn Beck was wrong yet again.
  • Bryan Fischer continues to claim that Muslims and Christians cannot worship the same God because the God of Christianity has a son. And so we are going to once again point out that, using that logic, Jews and Christians must not worship the same God.
  • The geniuses over at Shoebat.com “cannot help but wonder if our government was hoping the Iranian government would do to these soldiers what happened to American CIA operatives in Benghazi in order to justify war with Iran.”
  • Finally, Janet Porter is now literally using our coverage of her as a selling point to right-wingers in her campaign for a seat in the Ohio legislature and claiming that we “hate liberty” and we “hate life”: VIDEO

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