Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 11/2/16

  • Remember when CWA’s Penny Nance was once “disgusted” by Donald Trump’s treatment of women? So much for that.
  • Robert Knight says that we should do away with early voting because all it does “is create grounds for vote fraud.”
  • A solid argument from Joe Story: “Now ask yourself, is it better for the next four years to have a cabinet of Republicans, bound at least in principle to stand on the Republican Platform, shaped by the Cruz Effect, or a cabinet of Democrats, standing on a platform that seems to be written by Satan himself?”
  • Dustin Siggins claims that the Obama administration “has spent years blackmailing African nations over the LGBT agenda, demanding acquiescence in exchange for basic humanitarian aid.”
  • Finally, Jerry Falwell Jr. has penned an absolutely absurd Facebook post recounting his personal experience with Hillary Clinton’s supposed anti-Christian bigotry.