Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 1/11/16

  • Bryan Fischer goes after Donald Trump’s “troubled marital history”: “He is famously on his third marriage, married to a glamorous woman who has done nude, lesbian-themed photo shoots in the past.” 
  • Theodore Shoebat says that “ISIS are a bunch of homosexual, anti-Christian murderers. They are the purest form of the homosexual agenda, and they are just as evil and anti-Christian, as the reprobate sodomites in the West. “
  • Speaking of Shoebat, apparently we are defaming Christians and denigrating Christianity by highlighting his support for a modern-day Inquisition and for putting gays to death. 
  • It is Jesse Lee Peterson’s mission to end racism in 2016 by simply pointing out that it doesn’t exist.
  • Finally, Eugene Delguadio calls upon Donald Trump “do more to embrace specific victims of anti-Christian anti-social, attacks on God and Country as soon as possible.” Victims like Kim Davis, Roy Moore, and Santa Claus.