Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 10/7/16

  • Bryan Fischer insists that in seven years of daily radio broadcasts he has never said anything that was wrong and which he needed to correct or apologize for.
  • We always hear from the Religious Right that Christians should support Donald Trump because he is such a great father who did an amazing job raising him children. Apparently, not quite.
  • Someone knighted Brigitte Gabriel.
  • Sher Zieve has some thoughts: “If VP candidate Kaine has any sanity and decency left…they’re about to depart from him forever. Once around the Clinton machine you obey or die and your sanity and soul become corrupted…permanently…as well as being the sole property of the Clinton Mafia.I do feel sorry for Tim Kaine, as he’s now on a road that will take him into the darkest corners of a very crooked path. So…are Hillary and Kaine both crazy now? Pretty much.”
  • Finally, Walid Shoebat boasts that “now I stand virtually a lone voice to only realize that the nation that I loved is turning backwards to Sodom while millions of fake Christians hate us.”