Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 10/28/14

  • Upon leaving office, Michele Bachmann hopes to become the next Newt Gingrich.
  • Sarah Palin is “hopefully running for office in the

    future” apparently just to stick it to all the “haters.”

  • While traveling to Canada, Peter

    LaBarbera was stopped by customs officials once again and had some of his

    materials confiscated.

  • Bryan Fischer says Religious Right voters need to decide now to get behind either Ted

    Cruz or Mike Huckabee for president in 2016.

  • Russell Moore, the president of the Southern Baptists’

    Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, has denounced ex-gay “reparative therapy.”

  • Finally, Deacon Keith Fournier declares that anti-gay

    Christians will never stop fighting gay marriage: “The belligerent effort to silence supporters of marriage is fully underway. We

    will not, we must not, be silenced. The former President of the United States pandered to the Human Rights Campaign. We will resist