Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 10/24/16

  • Samuel Rodriquez tells Hispanic Christians that Hillary Clinton’s position on abortion is worse than Donald Trump’s vow to build a border wall: “Donald Trump speaks of building a wall but Hillary Clinton has already built one. The Democratic candidate’s abortion stance … serves as a greater wall than any rhetorical, hypothetical or physical wall.”
  • Linda Harvey advises faith-based schools not to add sexual orientation or gender identity protections to their nondiscrimination policies “because you are opening up the box of all kinds of litigation, all kinds of subjective accusations, and you really don’t want to go there, because that’s how these are being used.”
  • Walid Shoebat says that STDs are on the rise “but Fudge-packers who hate God refuse to listen.”
  • Dutch Sheets supports Donald Trump because “God has gripped his heart for the nation, and is in the process of further transforming Mr. Trump. God has certainly allowed him to be humbled.”
  • Finally, Jim Garlow is really losing it: “FACT: Non-voting (or 3rd party voting) Christ followers are saying ‘goodbye’ to religious liberty, to sharing their faith freely, to proclaiming the Gospel openly, to worshiping as they choose, for living out their faith in the public square. (Admittedly not immediately after Nov 9th….but eventually.) If you hold to a biblical definition of marriage (and life), you will pay dearly. And one more thing, don’t trivialize & romanticize persecution. It is horrible. And no, the church does not ALWAYS thrive under persecution. Sometimes all the Christians are simply killed.”