Right Wing Bonus Tracks- 10/2/14

  • Scott Lively declares that “I am sort of a Winston Churchill type of figure.”
  • Tea Party Nation is pretty sure that the Obama administration “wants Ebola here.”
  • Matt Barber says that gay activists

    “need to lighten up and take a step back”: “Christians aren’t ‘discriminating’ against you because of your

    ‘sexual orientation.’ We just refuse to endorse sinful lifestyles, behaviors, messages or events. And guess what. It’s our

    constitutional right to do so. The First Amendment trumps your newfangled ‘sexual orientation non-discrimination laws.’ Yet even

    if it didn’t, God’s law supersedes man’s law.”

  • FRC prays that God will “cause the messages delivered at VVS to ‘go viral’ between now and Nov. 4 and may they

    radically impact the way people vote!”

  • Finally, James Robison warns that “the recent beheadings in the Middle East and in our

    homeland reveal far more than the horrific deeds of a terrorist group. It actually reveals the evil intent of Satan