Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 10/17/16

  • Ann Corcoran has doubts about the arrest of three right-wing militia members accused of plotting violence against refugees: “The timing of the arrest is suspicious (is the FBI helping Hillary again, will she bring it up in the debate on Wednesday as an example of right wing extremism?), but otherwise we will wait and see what comes of  this.”
  • Daniel Greenfield claims the fly is the “perfect symbol” for the Clintons because they are “greedy creatures of rot, surrounded by filth and wallowing in their own vileness.”
  • Wayne Allyn Root says he’s “sure” the Clinton campaign has paid the women accusing Trump of sexual assault.
  • Todd Starnes insists “there’s a legitimate reason to question the integrity” of the election because “illegal aliens and dead people are casting votes in American presidential races.”
  • Jennifer LeClaire says that while Hillary Clinton may not be the devil, “many would have no trouble believing demons are inspiring some of her wicked acts.”