Right Wing Bonus Track: A Mercenary Army of N-Words and Homosexuals

  • If Jackson Lahmeyer really believes that Sen. James Lankford’s refusal to debate him is “actually helping” his campaign, why is he incessantly demanding that Lankford debate him?
  • A warning from Patrick Howley: “The globalists are illustrating the end of America with a mentally-vacant pedophile ‘president,’ and a nationwide borderless supply-starved masked Hunger Games-style anarcho-tyranny frenzy driven by jewish propaganda to whip up violence against Whites.”
  • Self-proclaimed “prophet” Robin Bullock continues to insist that former President Donald Trump is still the legitimate president and actual President Joe Biden is not.
  • Vincent James believes that “we’re starting to see people become reactionaries,” which he thinks is exciting because he hopes it means people will eventually support his proposal to establish task forces for “kidnapping the children away from gay people.”
  • Finally, Nick Fuentes says the military is “creating this mercenary army of N-words and homosexuals” who are being trained “to obediently murder whites when the time comes.”