Right-Wing Author Hopes President Trump Will Literally Dismantle The Stonewall Inn

Right-wing author Paul Hair, who recently co-wrote “Hating Jesus: The American Left’s War on Christianity” with anti-LGBT activist Matt Barber, has a new column up over at Barber’s BarbWire.com website in which he calls on President-elect Donald Trump to strip the Stonewall Inn of its designation as a national historic site, which he hopes will be a first step to literally tearing down the building.

Angered over the dismantling of Confederate monuments, Hair hope that Trump’s presidency will provide an “opportunity to strike back by working to dismantle the Stonewall Inn in New York City” and ultimately “wipe out its stain on American history.”

Demonizing and destroying American culture includes elevating evil. This is why the Obama regime honored sodomy by designating the Stonewall National Monument in June of this year.

Donald Trump should reverse that designation when he becomes president. And while he likely wouldn’t order the subsequent dismantling of the Stonewall Inn, the removal of the national monument designation would open the way for someone else to do so.

There already is a movement urging the incoming Trump administration to undo the Obama regime’s massive land grab. That land grab included designating the Stonewall Inn and many other areas of land as parts of national monuments.

There’s no reason those objecting to America honoring sodomy couldn’t join the larger movement to undo all the national monuments Obama designated at large. And if that effort proves successful, it then would make it possible to destroy the Stonewall Inn and wipe out its stain on American history.

There will never again be unity in America. The culture war is permanent and peace is impossible. But fighting back isn’t.

Dismantling the Stonewall Inn is a longshot, but if it ever happened it would be a great counterstrike against the progressives and their War on America.