Right Jumps on Gay Separation as Proof of “Instability”

While the Massachusetts Family Institute says the separation of Julie and Hillary Goodridge – whose lawsuit, Goodridge v. Department of Public Health, led to marriage for same-sex couples in 2004 – is “a personal matter” that should be treated with “dignity,” some on the Right are not so respectful. From The Washington Times:

Conservative observers expressed concern for the family, especially the daughter, noting that research points to instability in many homosexual relationships.

“Of course, we don’t take any pleasure in the sadness of any individual or couple, and I don’t believe one couple’s experience necessarily proves anything,” said Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council.

But there is research indicating that homosexual relationships are less likely to be monogamous or lifelong than heterosexual relationships, he said.

“I think it demonstrates again why we are so concerned for children in inherently unstable relationships,” said Jan LaRue of Concerned Women for America. Recent court decisions have recognized that homosexual unions “are not the equivalent of heterosexual marriage” and “it’s better for children to be in stable, heterosexual marriage with a mom and a dad,” she said.

According to state figures, of 8,000 same-sex couples who have married in Massachusetts, 45 have divorced. Compared to the nearly half of opposite-sex marriages that will end in divorce, the Goodridges’ situation “demonstrates” nothing.