Right Begs McCain to Talk Social Issues

Yesterday we noted Fred Barnes fantasizing over the idea of having Rick Warren moderate more presidential debates so as to ensure that right-wing social and wedge issues could dominate the agenda.  It seems that he is not alone on the Right in wishing that their issues were playing a bigger role during this election cycle, because now the Family Research Council is weighing in, practically begging John McCain to start talking about abortion, marriage, and religion so that they have something to get excited about:

With the economy on the mind of almost every American it was no surprise that last night’s presidential debate, the second of three, was again dominated by economic issues. However, Americans should be given credit for being able to focus on several important issues at once. While the economy is of paramount importance it does not exclude concern about and interest in core issues like life, marriage and family. This is especially true for values voters … With just one debate left, millions of values voters are still anxiously waiting for an honest exchange on the fundamental issues of life, marriage, and religion.

In essence, FRC is saying that while “values voters” care about our tanking economy and various wars and all that, what they really care about are gays and fetuses and if McCain doesn’t start talking about those things, he’ll only have himself to blame if he fails to rally them and ultimately loses the election.

Oddly, I was fully expecting this to be the spin they trotted out should McCain be defeated next month. Looks like they are just getting an early start.