Riding a “Wave” of Their Own Imagination

Whenever there is some moronic angle to a current story that no reputable news source will even consider, you can always count on WorldNetDaily to highlight it, complete with biased “experts” and ridiculous analysis.  

For example, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC president, William Gheen, says 

[H]e believes the number of gang rapes is increasing as the population of illegal aliens in the U.S. increases.

“Many illegal aliens have a rape and pillage mentality toward America,” he said. “The government has shown them they can break our laws on many levels without much fear of enforcement. Why should they think of rape or gang rape any differently?”

Gheen said, “Illegal aliens are more likely to engage in these crimes because rapes and gang rapes are much more common in the gang-rule Third World areas they come from.”

Gheen made his comments in a WorldNetDaily story that “reports”

A wave of illegal-immigrant gang rapes is sweeping the U.S. while public officials and law-enforcement authorities fear drawing the link, experts say.

Deborah Schurman-Kauflin, a Ph.D. researcher of violent crimes, told WorldNetDaily, “It appears as if there is a fear that if this is honestly discussed, people will hate all illegal immigrants. So there is silence. … But in being silent about the rapes and murders, it is as if the victims never even existed.”

Maybe nobody is talking about this supposed wave because it exists only in the fevered minds of the staff at WND and Americans for Legal Immigration.  If illegal immigrants were actually responsible for a “wave” of gang-rapes, one would assume that Americans for Legal Immigration would be tracking more than 12 alleged incidents in the last two years as they claim.

This sort of fear-mongering, right-wing propaganda masquerading as news is standard practice for WorldNetDaily and its record of accuracy is not particularly good – back in 2002, it was relying on other “experts” in reporting that the sniper attacks that were terrorizing the Washington, DC region were being carried out by foreigners, probably al-Qaida, and would soon spread around the country.

That, of course, turned out not to be the case at all.