Rick Wiles: Those Who Support Reproductive Rights Will Be ‘Aborted Continuously by Demons’ in Hell

End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles dedicated last night’s episode of his “TruNews” program to praising Alabama’s radical new law that almost completely outlaws abortion in the state, and used the broadcast to warn those who support reproductive rights that they will spend eternity being “aborted continuously forever” by demons in Hell.

Wiles blasted the “bunch of reprobates on the Supreme Court” who “defied the living God” by legalizing abortion in Roe v. Wade, declaring that “their carcasses will burn in Hell forever.”

“I believe that abortionists and the supporters of abortion—I believe that their punishment in the lake of fire will be to be aborted continuously by demons,” Wiles said. “Continuous, perpetual, eternal abortion.”

“This goes on for billions of years, hundreds of billions of years, zillions of years and it never stops,” he added. “You will be aborted continuously forever.”