Rick Wiles: The Trump Jr./Russia Meeting Was Set Up By The ‘Dark State’ To Impeach Trump

End Times radio host Rick Wiles kicked off his broadcast yesterday by declaring that the meeting that Donald Trump Jr. had with a Russian lawyer during the 2016 presidential campaign was set up by the “dark state” in order to plant false evidence that could be used to impeach President Trump.

“I smell a skunk in the garden,” Wiles said. “It was a set-up. The dark state feared Donald Trump would defeat the queen of sleaze, Hillary Clinton; they saw the massive, enthusiastic crowds standing in line for hours to see their hero, Donald Trump. They also saw the empty seats at Hillary Clinton rallies. The deep state feared they couldn’t steal enough votes on election day to rig the election in Hillary’s favor and what did they do? They immediately began working on Plan B: Sabotage the Trump presidency if he won in November.”

“The deep state concocted this fake narrative over a year ago and started planting fake evidence to be used later to bolster the claim,” he insisted. “The meeting between the Russian lawyer and Donald Trump Jr. was part of the scheme to plant evidence—fake evidence—in 2016 that could be used in 2017 to impeach Donald Trump as a Russian stooge!”

“You have got to give the dark state credit for being creative,” Wiles concluded. “They are masterful liars.”