Rick Wiles: The Laughable Right-Wing Effort to Take Down Mueller Is Really an Israeli Intelligence Operation to Protect Trump

On his “TruNews” program last night, End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles floated a truly bizarre theory that the laughable right-wing effort to discredit special counsel Robert Mueller by accusing him of sexual assault is actually an Israeli intelligence operation designed to protect President Trump.

As Jared reported yesterday, disreputable right-wing operatives Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman held an absurd press conference in which they alleged that Mueller had sexually assaulted a woman in 2010 and claimed that the allegations had been vetted and verified by a private investigation firm called Surefire Intelligence.

The only problem is that Surefire Intelligence doesn’t seem to actually exist, as all of the biographies of the supposed staff members listed on the website were fake and the phone number listed for the company went to Wohl’s mother’s voicemail. Among the fake photos used for the non-existent staff was one of Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli, which has convinced Wiles that this effort to discredit Mueller is being carried out by the Israelis.

Wiles, a vehement critic of all things Jewish who regularly warns that President Trump is being manipulated by his Jewish daughter and son-in-law and the Zionists in the evangelical community to blindly do bidding of Israel, suspects that Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election may have found something damaging to Trump, which has prompted Israel to launch this effort to discredit the special counsel on behalf of its most important ally.

“This story has a Jewish connection to it,” Wiles said, citing an article from The Jerusalem Post about Surefire’s use of Refaeli’s photo. “Noting is done in Israel with intelligence without the government’s approval … Is Benjamin Netanyahu secretly working to protect Donald Trump?”

Wiles said that while he loves Trump, his one criticism is that he “is the most pro-Zionist president in the history of America … and Israel has never had a president this friendly, ever.”

“Israel needs Donald Trump in the White House,” Wiles said, which is why he suspects that Surefire Intelligence is a straw company set up by Israeli intelligence to carry out this operation against Mueller in order to protect Trump and “the Jewish mafia” that surrounds him.