Rick Wiles: SNL’s ‘Come Back, Barack’ Sketch Was ‘Prepping The Public For The Revolution’

On his “TruNews” radio program yesterday, End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles warned that a recent “Saturday Night Live” skit in which three R&B singers begged Barack Obama to come back and be president again was really deep state propaganda designed to prepare Americans for the coming left-wing revolution.

Wiles and his co-hosts were aghast that SNL would make light of something as serious as “throwing out the Constitution” and “insurrection.”

“They’re prepping the public for the revolution,” Wiles said. “We’re going to topple Donald Trump, we’re going to bring back Barack Obama, we’re going to throw out the Constitution and we’re going to start a new country.”

“It confirms what I said a year ago,” he added. “Barack Obama will run the country as a president in exile. All of this ‘Resist Trump’ garbage is all being directed by Barack Hussein Obama.”