Rick Wiles Declares ‘Apostate’ Pat Robertson ‘An Embarrassment to the Body of Christ’

Earlier this week, televangelist Pat Robertson once again voiced his criticism of Young Earth creationism—the idea that God created the earth only 6,000 years ago, as told in the biblical account in Genesis—declaring that the idea is embarrassing nonsense.

End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles, who spent years working for Robertson at CBN before launching his own TruNews network, was not happy with Robertson’s remarks and blasted him as an “apostate” on last night’s broadcast.

“He’s an apostate,” Wiles said. “Pat Robertson just denied the first chapter of the Holy Bible. He doesn’t believe Genesis 1 … The real embarrassment is Pat Robertson. He’s the embarrassment. The only fossil in this story is Pat Robertson, a relic of the past who should retire. Go away.”

“He is an embarrassment to the body of Christ,” Wiles added. “It is time for the saints to unite and chase the heretics and the apostates out of the one holy church. Drive ’em out!”