Rick Wiles Is Ready to Take Up Arms to Fight Off Invading Drug Cartels

End Times conspiracy theorist Rick Wiles used Friday’s edition of his “TruNews” program to warn that heavily armed drug cartels are poised to invade Texas and carry out a mass slaughter of American citizens. Should such a thing happen, Wiles boldly announced that he would immediately shut down his network and “will go to Texas and I will fight.”

Wiles, who at age 68 has built an impressive track record of making dire predictions that consistently fail to materialize, predictably blamed the supposed looming invasion on former President Barack Obama and billionaire philanthropist George Soros.

“The communists running Homeland Security, they’re going to betray the Americans,” Wiles said. “I fear a massacre is coming. A massacre of Americans on the Texas border. When it happens, it all breaks loose at that point because we all have to pick up our arms and head to Texas. All of us. I will walk away from TruNews. I will go to Texas, and I will fight. If this happens, that’s what I’m doing. I’m going to Texas to fight because there’s nothing left. You can’t just sit there and allow this to happen.”

“When is [Texas Gov. Greg] Abbott going to act?” Wiles asked. “When is he going to send troops to the border and order them to open fire? The thing that’s going to hold them back will be the women and children the cartel is using as human shields. Thank you, George Soros, for your evil, diabolical plan that you have because this is organized. The communists have organized this invasion. … George Soros is paying [for] it. Why is that man allowed to continue walking around? Why? He is an enemy of our republic. Why is he allowed to continue to operate in this country?”

“I deeply fear a massacre is coming on the border,” Wiles continued. “It will be the second Alamo, and the fight will be on. But don’t count on the U.S. government to back you. You can count on the traitors inside the U.S. government to turn on you, to shoot you in the back as you defend the republic. All hell’s going to break loose at this point because the government will split apart. You’ll have loyal patriotic troops, federal agents—FBI agents and so forth—who will defend the republic, but they will be attacked by the communists within their ranks and then by the idiots that just obey an order coming from Washington. But if you think [President Joe] Biden is going to defend the republic—Biden is Obama’s stooge; Obama is running this operation. Obama is the president of the United States. The communist street organizer is running the Biden administration. Joe Biden is still Obama’s vice president, and Obama is bringing down the republic.”

“Get ready,” Wiles warned. “Something big is coming on the border of Texas, and it’s coming soon.”