Rick Wiles Declares That ‘The Republic Is Over’

A somber and disheartened Rick Wiles used his End Times “TruNews” program Friday night to break the startling news that the United States that had existed for 244 years was no more, as it has officially been taken over by “God-hating communists.”

The breaking point, according to Wiles, came when District of Columbia Mayor Muriel Bowser requested that federal law enforcement and military personnel who had been dispatched to quell protests over the police killing of George Floyd be removed from the city and Defense Secretary Mark Esper ordered National Guard troops disarmed and sent some forces home.

For Wiles, this was a sign that “the republic is over” and that the time had come for him to seriously consider fleeing the country because soon “the military is going to be ordered to shoot the Trump supporters.”

“The god-hating communists are now in control of the country,” Wiles said. “I know what history shows about communist takeovers. They don’t hand out Bibles, they burn Bibles, they burn churches, they slaughter pastors, they massacre Christian populations. That’s what they do.”

“Unless God intervenes in the very near future, Donald Trump is finished,” he continued. “If you think he’s gonna win reelection and he’s gonna fight this group, they neutered him today. He was neutered in public today.  He can’t call on the military now … The only people left are his hardcore supporters, and are they going to go out in the streets and be mowed down by the U.S. military? Because the U.S. military is going to be ordered—not by Trump because he doesn’t have control of military anymore—the military is going to be ordered to shoot the Trump supporters.”

“That’s what happened today,” Wiles declared. “I want to vomit today. I’ve been sick on my stomach—grieved, depressed—because the republic fell today.”