Rick Wiles Calls On God To Visit Trump In A Dream And Tell Him To Fire McMaster

End Times radio host Rick Wiles used his “TruNews” program yesterday to continue his prayer campaign to remove H. R. McMaster from his position as President Trump’s national security adviser, this time calling on the Holy Spirit to visit Trump in a dream and tell him to fire McMaster.

“If God has to visit Donald Trump in a dream and tell him to fire Gen. McMaster, we’re going to pray until that rascal is out of the White House,” Wiles declared. “We will pray that the Lord speaks to President Trump because the Holy Spirit can bypass all of the walls that his advisers put around him to block the flow of information. You can’t stop the Holy Spirit from visiting somebody in the night as they sleep.”

Wiles then called on his fellow conservative Christians to “get fired up and pray Gen. McMaster out of the White House. Let’s show the left what prayer can do.”

“We ask you, Father, to speak to President Trump,” Wiles prayed, “in the stillness of the night, that he would hear your voice, that perhaps, Father, you visit him in his sleep or speak to him in [those] still hours of the early morning, that he would know that Gen. McMaster must go.”