Rick Scarborough Worries that More ‘Non-White Families’ Will Mean Fewer Christians in America

A few weeks ago, Roger Schlafly mourned a Census Bureau report showing that non-white births have now exceeded white births in the U.S, declaring that this was “not a good thing” because “immigrants do not share American values,” by which he meant “vote Republican.”

Today, Rick Scarborough of Vision America sent out an email warning that “the non-Hispanic white share of the population will fall from 70% today to a bare majority by the year 2050” and suggesting that is a bad thing.  While insisting that “the racial mix of this nation shouldn’t matter,” Scarborough lamented “the sad reality is [that] America is changing,” suggesting that “more non-white families” means more single-parent households, which in turn means less Christians:

Now we are witnessing more babies being born out of wedlock than in wedlock, leading to escalating social problems. That brings us back to this latest revelation on the growing influence of minorities in America. The sad reality is that more non-white families will also mean an America with more fatherless families.

Children raised in a one-parent household are also less likely to attend church services as both children and as adults, According to various surveys, as adults, they are less likely to go to church, pray, read the Bible or listen to Christian radio. They are more likely to get their values from movies, popular music, video games and the dominant (non-Christian) culture.

The increasing polarization of the races is an additional cause for concern. Politicians and self-styled community leaders urge blacks and Hispanics to see themselves as members of a race first and foremost, and not as Americans or Christians.

[A]s Christians, we must reach out to minorities in families at risk, with the message of the Gospel – one of repentance, love, salvation and a helping hand. Many churches of every ethnicity are doing a heroic job here. But they need our help.

This is the best way to guarantee that America stays America – a nation animated by Christian values – regardless of the nation’s racial composition.

A few years ago, Scarborough was quoted as saying that “if this country becomes 30 per cent Hispanic we will no longer be America,” but then insisted that he had said nothing of the sort, despite the fact that the statement was reported by two separate news sources.