Rick Scarborough: Still Waiting to Be Arrested

Rick Scarborough of Vision America has sent out an urgent fundraising email seeking to capitalize on the anti-climatic anti-hate crimes legislation rally held week, warning that he still expects to be arrested and saying that even though they were ridiculed in the press, God was quite pleased:  

Vision America needs your generous support NOW to stay in this battle.we need partners NOW to stand with us in prayer and financial support if we are to continue this battle. Please select here to make the largest tax deductible gift you can to this effort NOW. I believe our right to hold our deeply held religious beliefs as well as freedom of speech is at stake and therefore the soul of our nation. You can select here to make a donation. For more than 10 years I have stated that if and when speaking out against sexual deviancy was declared to be illegal by federal law, I would defy that law and obey God. I have followed through with that promise. Our legal team believes this law can be overturned in Federal Court, but

A number of Christian news agencies and talk programs covered our event, but the secular press was strangely silent, even though they covered the event, or worse, as in the case of the Washington Post, they chose to ridicule us.

No one was arrested. (Our lawyers tell us that will come later!) .. From the world’s perspective, nothing noteworthy took place, but in Heaven, I believe God looked down and said, “Well done!” to those who stood for traditional values and on the truth of God’s Word. He was able to say on that day that in Washington, D.C. there was a remnant that said, “We stand with God.”