Rick Scarborough Hits The Big Time

Last year, when Vision America’s Rick Scarborough was organizing his “Crusade to Save America” events, he scheduled in Kansas in order to rally support for Phill Kline’s bid to become Attorney General.

James Dobson had endorsed Kline’s bid as well and so Scarborough sought to get Dobson to come to Kansas to participate in the event, but Dobson declined.

At the time, I said it looked as if “even James Dobson has enough sense to avoid being seen in public” with the likes of Scarborough. 

After all, Scarborough is a self-described “Christocrat” who, when he’s not out palling around with Alan Keys, has a penchant for suggesting that evangelical leaders are dying off because the nation has turned its back on God, suggesting that Christians will have “the blood of martyrs on [their] hands” if they don’t oppose hate crimes legislation, blaming “the church” for just standing by and allowing the election of “unrighteous leaders” in 2006, saying that opponents of the War in Iraq are committing treason, organizing conferences designed to highlight the “War on Christians and Values Voters,” warning that removing the phrase “so help me God” from the president’s oath of office would be national “suicide,” telling gays they “should hang their heads in shame [because of] their sinful lifestyle,” and penning books entitled “Liberalism Kills Kids” among other things.

But apparently I was wrong about Dobson having enough sense to avoid Scarborough, because he is going to be bringing him onto his radio program at the end of the week:

This is certainly a big step up for Scarborough from his regular appearances on Janet Porter’s radio program.