Rick Joyner: Trump Is A Remarkable ‘Rookie President’ Who ‘Just Hits One Home Run After Another’

Right-wing pastor Rick Joyner posted a video on his Facebook page yesterday heaping praise on President Trump for everything that he has supposedly accomplished in his presidency already, especially for the incoherent and devastating budget proposal his administration released this week.

“To me, it’s just remarkable,” Joyner cooed. “This guy’s a rookie, a rookie president; not only a rookie president, a rookie at anything elected. He’s never been a mayor before, never been elected to anything before, takes on the toughest job in the world with everybody in the world seemingly opposing him and he just hits one home run after another.”

Joyner praised Trump’s proposed budget cuts, claiming that the federal government could reduce its budget by 85 percent and provide better service.

“I believe, and have for some time, that we could cut 85 percent of the federal budget and improve services, improve everything else we’re doing,” Joyner said, adding that he and “some former government officials” once “took a day and went over some of the federal budget” and found several departments that could be eliminated entirely.

“We instantly found three agencies that were duplicating the same job and none of them were doing it very good,” he said. “We could have done away with all three and not known anything was missing.”