Rick Joyner: The Left Is Having ‘Panic Attacks’ Because Their ‘Unbelievable Corruption Is Being Uncovered’ By Trump

Right-wing pastor Rick Joyner is not happy with the editorial series that the Los Angeles Times is running about “Our Dishonest President,” slamming it in a Facebook video he posted yesterday as evidence that those on left are having “panic attacks” because they know that President Trump is going to expose their rampant corruption.

Joyner claimed that the L.A. Times is having a shocking “meltdown” and suffering from “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” asserting that the first editorial in the series “didn’t make any sense” because progressives have been gripped by “outrageous hysteria.”

Joyner then linked the L.A. Times series to a false story about Hillary Clinton supposedly going on a profanity-laced tirade against Trump during the presidential campaign and warning that if he were elected, “[we’re] all going to hang,” an exchange which Joyner also falsely asserted was documented by Wikileaks.

“Now, why would she say something like that?” Joyner asked, despite the fact that Clinton never actually said it. “Why would she do something like that? I think because of what is being found right now. Unbelievable corruption is being uncovered and I believe is soon going to come to light and they’re running scared, so they’re not making any sense; they’re terrified, they’re having panic attacks, the left, because they know what’s about to be uncovered.”