Rick Joyner Says A Meeting He Held With Right-Wing Christian Leaders ‘Sealed’ Trump’s Election Victory

In a video posted on his Facebook page yesterday, right-wing pastor Rick Joyner claimed that a meeting he held with 30 Christian leaders last year “sealed” the election for Donald Trump.

Joyner said that every year, he and a group of Christian leaders gather for a meeting that is so powerful that what is discussed there changes the world.

“Some of it has made history,” he said. “Some of the things that start in our little roundtable meeting, you read in the newspapers later that year, the consequences of what happened in our little meeting.”

“I think maybe Trump’s victory could have been sealed in our last round,” he added. “There were a lot of those leaders there that came saying, ‘No way is he the one, I would never vote for him.’ You can’t believe how negative they were toward Trump, but as far as I know, every single one of them left that roundtable saying, ‘Trump’s the guy, this is the one God has appointed.’ It was that powerfully presented, that convincingly presented. The anointing on him was that powerful and we knew we [had] a job to do, this is God’s called man, we’ve got to get him in there.”