Rick Joyner: Obama’s Betrayal Of This Country Is Worse Than Benedict Arnold

Right-wing pastor Rick Joyner posted a video on his Facebook page today in which he declared that President Obama’s betrayal of America is worse than anything that Benedict Arnold ever did.

Joyner was outraged by a recent Politico article that reported that efforts to track and fight Hezbollah’s drug trafficking operations were hindered by government agencies during Obama’s presidency, reportedly because of concerns that those efforts might compromise or complicate other operations or administration priories, such as securing a nuclear deal with Iran.

“Many have believed that Obama was trying to actually do in our country, unravel it, weaken us in every way he possibly could as president,” Joyner said. “The truth is, he did do that. Whether he was trying to do it is another thing and the reason for doing it could be something else all together, but this Politico report, it does make him the worst betrayer of his country —I think it’s beyond what Benedict Arnold did.”