Rick Joyner: ‘It Just Seems Weird’ To Hear Women Talk About Football

In a video posted on his Facebook page today, right-wing pastor Rick Joyner defended recent comments made by NFL quarterback Cam Newton, who told a female reporter that “it’s funny to hear a female talk to talk about [running] routes.” Newton apologized, but Joyner insisted that there was no reason for him to have done so because every man he knows who played football agrees that it is “weird” to hear women talk about the sport.

“I don’t believe that was anti-women, what Cam said,” Joyner said. “No woman has run routes in either college or professional football. How do they really understand what’s going on down there? It just seems incongruous and it seems patronizing that they’re being patronized to take over more and more of the sportscasting, the analyzing and things like that. And those who have played the game, I can understand their point. It just seems weird.”

“I think it would seem weird too for men to start becoming experts on some things like childbirth that only women have experienced,” Joyner continued, without a hint of irony.  “No man has ever experienced that and it would just seem weird.”