Rick Joyner: God Elected Trump Because He Knew America Would Not Survive A Clinton Presidency

Right-wing pastor Rick Joyner posted a video on his Facebook page today declaring that God intervened to save America by electing Donald Trump because He knew that a Hillary Clinton presidency would have been the fruition of the satanic effort to destroy this nation.

Joyner said that there is an insane poisonous rage running through those who oppose Trump because they know that Satan’s agenda has been thwarted by God.

“Believe it or not, evil was trying to take over our country,” he said. “It was the most systematic and blatant attempt to pervert our nation, to destroy our nation. I think it was a satanic attempt and it was working until Trump was elected.”

“I don’t think we would have survived a Hillary Clinton [presidency], even a first term,” Joyner added. “I think we would have, probably at best, fallen to third-world status with an unbelievable economic catastrophe, many other things. We would have imploded. Instead, absolutely to everybody’s shock, things were turned around. I do believe it was a miracle of God; it took a miracle of God. He just said He’s not going to let us be destroyed like that and, yes, Donald Trump is turning things around.”

Joyner predicted that “by the end of Trump’s presidency, he will be considered one of the greatest presidents we’ve had since the Founders” and that the vast majority of Americans will rally around him once they begin to realize that he is “truly one of the [most] remarkable presidents we’ve ever had.”