Rick Joyner Calls For A Special Prosecutor To Investigate Democratic Collusion With Russia

In a video posted on his Facebook page yesterday, right-wing pastor Rick Joyner called for the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate what he said was overwhelming evidence that President Obama and the Democrats colluded with Russia during the last election.

Insisting that there is not a shred of evidence to connect Donald Trump or his campaign to Russia, Joyner conversely claimed that “evidence is starting to point to the Democrats, to the Obama administration especially … of them being in collusion with the Russians.”

Joyner, of course, provided absolutely no evidence to support his claim, but that didn’t stop him for calling for a special prosecutor to investigate the Democrats for their alleged crimes.

“We’ve got emails to prove it,” Joyner said. “We have so much evidence of the Democrats, especially the Clintons and the Clinton campaign, doing illegal things, with illegal activity, and it’s time we see a special prosecutor to check them out.”

“That is a target-rich environment,” he said. “Now that all of this attention on the Russians is starting to point back at them, they want to drop the whole thing. I say, ‘No way.'”