Rick Green’s Nakedly Political Judicial Campaign Vows to Stop Obama’s Socialism

Last week, Debra Lehrmann faced off in a debate against Rick Green the Chuck-Norris-approved-Alan-Keyes-supported-WallBuilders’-employed-pseudo-historian-TEA-Party-Religious-Right-activist, heading into the run-off election for a spot on the Texas Supreme Court next month, during which he compared himself to Sarah Palin, saying that the myriad of complaints about his suspect ethics while in office were little more than liberal persecution because, after all, “they only tackle the guy with the ball.”

He also posted a new campaign video in which dismissed his complete lack of judicial experience by saying that Texas voters won’t “be fooled by this pretentious argument” that such experience is necessary. In fact, Green says, his lack of judicial experience will bring variety to the court, which is especially important during these “serious, serious times”:

Our nation is in a debate right now about whether we’re going to march down the road to socialism with this President and Congress or whether we’ll rediscover and return to those made America the most successful nation in history.  The only way to renew those principles and protect them for future generations is if we elect leaders at every branch of government – that’s the legislative, the executive, and the judiciary – and at every level of government – local, state, and federal.  We must elect leaders that understand and value those principles and will defend those principles from the branch within which serve … If you want to send a message to Austin, to Washington, DC, and indeed straight to the White House that Texans are not going to let the Constitution of the United States of America be trampled upon, then vote for Rick Green for the Texas Supreme Court.

While Green claims to respect the idea that the judicial branch is completely different from the legislative branch and therefore requires a completely different mindset, you’d never know if from the nakedly political campaign he’s been running.