Rght Wing Leftovers

  • Michael Steele welcomes Sarah Palin to the national stage, saying “come on in. The water’s nice.”
  • South Carolina Mark Sanford has been censured by the South Carolina Republican Party while Media Research Center’s Tim Graham complains that Sanford is being held to a double standard.
  • Tucker Carlson says that, as a resident of the District of Columbia, he’s perfectly “happy to have taxation without representation” because “let’s be honest: The city’s not ready for democracy, much less statehood.” Apparently Tucker Carlson is now the arbiter on whether or not American citizens have right to democracy.
  • Brian Camenker of MassResistance alleges that Google blocked his website during the same time frame as a recent gay pride parade in Chicago, which he calls a “suspicious coincidence.”
  • Randall Terry generates some coverage of the first stop on his “Filibuster Sotomayor” tour.
  • Finally, Rev. Rob Schenck welcomed Sen. Al Franken to Washington today by asking him to “begin his tenure with an apology to the millions of Americans who self-identify as Christians.”