Rep. Paul Gosar Says People Should Be Jailed After Republicans #ReleaseTheMemo

Congressman Paul Gosar speaking at the Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry's 2014 Arizona Manufacturing Summit in Phoenix, Arizona. ( / Photo by Gage Skidmore)

Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona said this morning that he believes people need to go to jail once House Republicans reveal the contents of a classified memo he believes proves Democrats abused surveillance laws in an attempt to undermine President Trump.

This morning on “Breitbart News Daily,” Gosar joined Breitbart London editor Raheem Kassam to discuss President Trump’s first State of the Union address. As the end of the interview neared, Gosar weighed in on Rep. Devin Nunes’ memo that Republicans claim contains proof that the Obama administration abused national security laws to surveil Trump and members of his campaign staff. Gosar’s statement comes in the wake of the FBI’s recommendation that the Intelligence Committee not release the memo and Rep. Adam Schiff’s allegation that Nunes provided a version of the memo to the White House that differed from what the committee had voted to declassify.

“This was orchestrated and it was used pervasively through the last administration, some of it even starting in the previous administration before that. We’ve got to get to the grips of this and we have to make Justice accountable again,” Gosar said. “Nobody above the law, everybody equally applied to the law and don’t misuse the law.”

“This is scary stuff,” he added.

Kassam asked Gosar if he believed anybody would be “going to jail over this.”

“They better,” Gosar said.