Remembering 9/11 By Crying Out For America

On the upcoming anniversary of 9/11, an organization known as the Awakening America Alliance will be holding an event entitled “Cry Out America” seeking God’s blessing for America and praying for a “great awakening” throughout the nation:

America is in need of a new “Great Awakening” – an awakening that some Christian leaders say can only come about if Christians get on their knees.

“America right now is facing great complexities. We have a financial struggle that we’re in, we’re facing health-care issues that have us scratching our heads. Our place in the world has shifted. We’re a nation that really needs help from beyond ourselves. We feel like God is the help,” The Rev. William (Billy) Wilson told

Wilson, executive director of the International Center for Spiritual Renewal, is a member of the Awakening America Alliance, which is sponsoring “Cry Out America” on Friday, Sept. 11 — an event calling for thousands of Christians to “gather at noon at county courthouses across the nation in repentance, to pray for the lost, to cry out for God to send another ‘Great Awakening.’”

It is an awakening that can only come about if Christians “wake up” and unite in prayer, Wilson said.

The event is reportedly being endorsed by groups like Focus On The Family, the American Legion, the National Chamber of Commerce, and the National Association of Evangelicals.

The Awakening America Executive Cabinet includes various Religious Right figures like Wellington Boone, Harry Jackson, and Ron Luce.