Reaching Out to the Rightest of the Right

When right-wing organizations and candidates want to reach out to the most die-hard right-wing activists, their best bet is to approach them via an email sent out by GOPUSA.  

And that is just what Sen. Sam Brownback has done, nearly falling over himself to remind GOPUSA’s right-wing activists that he is the real deal and plead for their support in the Republican primary:   

I’ve sent YOU this urgent email message because I was told that just like me you are a pro-life, pro-traditional marriage, God-fearing American.

I am the most consistent social conservative running for the Republican nomination.  I represent your values more effectively than anyone else.  I need your help today!

As the only tried-and-true social conservative seeking the Republican Party’s nomination, I’m personally asking for your support.

Do you want the Republican Party’s presidential nominee to be unequivocally and unashamedly pro-life and pro-traditional marriage?  If yes, you need to act today!

Brownback claims that he is “running to spread hope and ideas” and because it is imperative that “our division as a people might end and that our land be healed.” 

Perhaps assuring right-wing activists that he is the “only tried-and-true social conservative” and “pro-life, pro-traditional marriage, God-fearing American” running for President is not an effective way to begin trying to heal the divisions in this country.