Ray Comfort Warns America Is Repeating Mistake Of Noah’s Flood Due To Evolution, Homosexuality, Big Orgies

Ray Comfort, along with many other Religious Right activists, is incensed by the new movie ‘Noah,’ and went as far as to make his own alternative film. In an appearance yesterday on The Janet Mefferd Show, Comfort warned that Americans will soon face divine punishment because they, like the ancient Hebrews, are “running around naked, having an orgy.”

He later traced all of America’s problems, such as “pornography, fornication and every sexual sin they can imagine,” to evolution, warning that “evolution gives license” to sin.

“Evolution is a hill to die on for the world,” Comfort said. “Anything goes: homosexuality, adultery, fornication, no matter what, it’s fine.”

Mefferd added that evolution has brought about “the Last Days” and the return of “the days of Noah.”