Randy Forbes Says U.S. Has ‘Divine Purpose,’ Leads IFA Prayers For 2018 Midterms

Then-Rep. Randy Forbes speaks at a PrayUSA church service. (Image from video posted by Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation.)

Former Rep. Randy Forbes was the special guest on Intercessors for America’s monthly “First Friday”  prayer call today, which focused on the 2018 midterm elections.

In his prayers, Forbes said the U.S. “was birthed with a divine purpose, and that purpose we believe was to stand for Your name and for Your kingdom.” He prayed that God would bless the midterm elections and put the “right people” into office. Forbes said he’s never seen such great “anti-faith attacks” on “elected officials who stand for their faith than what we’re seeing today.” He also prayed that public officials would be given “boldness” to pray publicly for the nation.

IFA’s Dave Kubal urged call participants to use IFA’s “Get Out And Pray” tool and download IFA’s guide to electing “godly” candidates in 2018, which was published earlier this year and identified 12 key House races and 13 “critical Senate races for Intercession.”

Forbes was a founder of the Congressional Prayer Caucus, and IFA promoted today’s call with a link to a 2015 video published by the Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation. On the video, Lea Carawan, president and director of the CPCF, declares that “anti-faith, anti-God groups” are “committed to removing God in America, and they have an agenda.” The video also includes footage of Forbes speaking at a PrayUSA service at Great Bridge Baptist Church in Chesapeake, Virginia, where he warned of a “vast” network of organizations working systematically to destroy faith in America.

IFA’s other resources include a prayer guide to getting judges who “fear God” and will uphold the “creator’s laws” and a more specific guide to praying for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, which was published just a week after Kavanaugh, then among the finalists being considered by Trump, was denounced on an IFA call as a “usurper.”