Random Book Blogging: The Key To Dominion Wealth

Today’s installment of Random Book Blogging comes from “Dominion!: How Kingdom Action Can Change the World” by C. Peter Wagner who is more or less the driving force behind dominion theology.

In this section, Wagner is explaining that his dominion theology (i.e., the idea the Christians are to take “dominion” over every aspect of human life) is going to be expensive and, as such, the movement is going to need a lot of money.

And where are they going to get that money?  Well, partially it will come from God giving them ideas of amazing inventions that will make them lots of money and investment ideas that achieve “the biblical standard of 100 percent return or more.” 

But the other way is that God is going to cause people to just give money to these new apostles through a “supernatural transfer of wealth”: 

A well-known biblical example of this supernatural transfer of wealth occurred when the Israelites left Egypt after being in slavery for four hundred years. While they were in the desert, they were rich. Their wealth did not come from making bricks without straw. When they arrived in the desert, they were unemployed. Their wealth was not related to any production skills or financial savvy they possessed. It came from their oppressors, the Egyptians, who were ungodly idol worshipers. True, the Israelites had to take action to receive what God was giving them. They had to send the women out to collect valuable from the Egyptian neighbors. But the women did not have to right or argue or persuade their neighbors to give them the wealth. The power of God had moved on the Egyptians to such an extent that they voluntarily gave up the riches that they had accumulated. Pharaoh later regretted what they had done, but it was too late. God even supernaturally preserved the wealth of His people by drowning the pursuing Egyptians in the Red Sea.

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